An Introduction to Electronic Document Management

Simplify your office with electronic document management.
Are you wondering if your office is ready for electronic document management? In our years of experience, we have found that more often than not, paperless solution seekers are not seeking a direct ROI, but instead a strategy to eliminate waste-wasted paper, wasted time and wasted processes.

Coordinated Business Systems designs Document Management Solutions to improve your organization's productivity, free up office space, and decrease your operational costs. Our systems are designed to accommodate a document's entire lifecycle, from creation to disposal, with optimal efficiency. Rather than rifling through stacks of paper, files of folders, or boxes of archives, document management systems allow you to capture and organize all of these documents into an easy-to-manage virtual filing system.

One of our favorite examples of a department that can greatly benefit from electronic document management is Accounts Payable. Traditionally a department littered with file cabinets and paperwork, electronic document management creates an airtight process for the traditional three-way match of purchase order, packing slip, and delivery. A document management system creates a workflow process to automatically look up all three documents, matches them automatically, and flags them as matched for the user. Throughout this process, vendor information, payable amounts, due dates, and even line item data can be extracted from the document to eliminate data entry.

The scope of electronic document management's capabilities doesn't end here.  Coordinated offers a wide range of customizable solutions to best suit your business. After being scanned and uploaded, every document is stored electronically in a secure location, retrievable by keyword search. All documents are also available to be modified and managed by multiple users, simplifying both collaboration and organization enterprise-wide.

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