Inkjet vs. Laser Printers: Pros and Cons

Company handbooks, client invoices, your checklist for the day - your printer has a never-ending workload.

When it comes to selecting the machine you're going to rely on for the foreseeable future, the sheer number of options can be overwhelming, especially when choosing between inkjet and laser printers. Various buying guides provide helpful insights, but it all comes down to the tasks you're doing.

Whether you're looking for something to simply get the job done or a high-quality machine to produce copies of a prized photograph, it's critical to know the pros and cons of inkjet and laser printers. Check out these differences:


Pros of Inkjet Printers:

Lower initial cost: Typically, an inkjet printer will typically have a lower initial cost than a laser printer.

Delivers photo quality: Inkjet machines are excellent at blending smooth colors and printing quality photos. If you're planning to use your printer for frequent photo printing, an inkjet printer will provide the quality you're looking for. They're also known for their ability to print onto a variety of paper types.

Compact design: Inkjet options typically feature a more compact, lighter design that's easier to fit into small spaces in your home or business.

Cons of Inkjet Printers:

Frequent ink purchases: As you use your inkjet printer, you will need to purchase inkjet ink when it runs out - and it's not cheap.

Slower printing speeds: Though an inkjet succeeds at printing quality photos, it's typically slower at printing than a laser printer, and isn't meant for high-volume printing.

Not ideal for small text:
Inkjet models are not ideal for printing fine, small text. There's a chance the text could appear fuzzy or grainy.


Pros of Laser Printers:

Excellent speed: If you're looking for quality as you print a high volume of text-heavy prints, a laser printer is the ideal choice as they're typically faster than inkjet printers.

Precise text quality: Laser machines are known for their ability to produce small text and precise, fine lines.

Handles high volume: When your business has 200 pages in the printer queue, a laser printer will be much better equipped to handle the high volume of prints.

Cons of Laser Printers:

Inferior photo quality: Though text quality remains superior, the color and photo quality from laser machines isn't as great as from an inkjet model.

Bulky and heavy design: If you've got the space, a laser printer will be just fine, but with limited space, the bulkier, heavier design may not fit into your office. It may take a bit of time to warm up, too.

Costly: The benefits of laser printers don't come without cost. Typically more expensive than inkjet printers, laser printers will cost more initially but could be cheaper to maintain.
Whether you're set on an inkjet or vying for a laser printer, Coordinated Business Systems will help you find the model best suited for your business needs. Our managed print services and printer and copier solutions allow businesses to maximize efficiency. Contact us today to learn how you can improve your business operations and solve your printing needs.