How to Enable Successful Workplace Collaboration
Workplace collaboration has become one of the latest buzzwords in business today, and it's little surprise. The traditional 9-to-5 office worker behind a desk is becoming a thing of the past. Today, employees can work from anywhere at anytime thanks to innovative technologies such as the Internet and the cloud. As a result, creating the right environment to encourage and foster workplace collaboration, especially as that collaboration takes places across more formats than ever, has become critical to a company's performance. Practically speaking, what steps can you as a manager take to foster an environment that encourages workplace collaboration?

Workplace Collaboration Comes From the Top Down
As with most initiatives, management influences and drives success on all projects. Management makes the most critical decisions, which affects the ability of employees to succeed and navigate project challenges. To achieve optimal results, management must rally full commitment from employees regarding workplace collaboration.
How to Enable Workplace Collaboration
What steps can management take to enable workplace collaboration? Here are the 3 most impactful factors we have identified for workplace collaboration success:
#1 Communicate Expectations
Make it clear that collaboration is required from your employees. Setting measurable goals for your team will ensure that everyone has equal responsibility for the subsequent outcomes and results. Remember, two brains are better than one!
#2 Assess Process Efficiency
Processes that were successful in the past may not produce the same results today. Reviewing the steps employees take to complete tasks can help to uncover problems and inefficiencies that need to be eliminated.

The rigid silos of the past have the potential to disconnect and impede modern operations. By flattening the organizational structure to something more horizontal, trust is established in all employees' decisions, which lends itself to collaboration.
#3 Tools and Tech
Finally, and arguably most importantly, is leveraging collaboration tools and technologies. The latest software allows employees to access the cloud from the comfort of their own homes or chime in on a videoconference from the other side of the world. A strong foundation of tools and technologies enables the rest of the pieces to fall in place.
The Necessity of Collaboration
If you aren't creating a culture of collaboration, you can bet your competition is. If so, they're a step ahead of you. As the digital age rapidly evolves, so does the way we collaborate. Bring-your-own-device (BYOD) practices, mobile or remote work, and the cloud have simplified business processes and sped up decision-making. The quicker turnaround on projects means greater accomplishments with fewer resources, which will allow your business to remain competitive.

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