How to Effectively Motivate Your Team

Gallup studies have shown that employees who are more motivated and engaged positively affect business outcomes, such as profitability and productivity. Motivated employees are more positive, work harder, and actually enjoy going to work in the morning. Clearly it pays to have a motivated team.

From posts for #MotivationMonday to motivational movie speeches on YouTube, we find sources of inspiration and motivation all around us. But how can you motivate your team at work? Ultimately it comes down to making your team feel valued and enabling them to live up to their full potential.

5 Ways To Effectively Motivate Your Team and Keep Them Engaged at Work

1. Culture

Creating a culture that values employees and makes them excited to go to work every day is the first step toward effectively motivating a team. The organization's culture can be the difference between happy and disgruntled employees. When employees buy into the company culture, they are more motivated to work for the success of the company.

2. Collaboration

Similar to culture is collaboration. Creating a collaborative and supportive environment helps your team to feel valued. Supporting new ideas and having brainstorming sessions is how truly innovative ideas are born. Collaboration can bring the team together and help make the team more efficient and spark creativity.

3. Know Your Team

Everyone is motivated differently. While some employees might like to be recognized publicly, others might prefer to receive recognition privately in an email. Understanding how your team members are motivated will help you know how to effectively motivate your team as a whole. Getting to know each person on your team personally will also help them to feel like they belong on the team and are a valued member of the team. This will encourage them to contribute ideas and strive to do what is best for the team. Who knows, your team might even become the envy of the entire company and attract new talent.

4. Support, But Don't Micromanage

To effectively motivate your team, you have to be accessible to them. Provide the necessary support that they need to succeed, whether that is tools, training, or advice, be available to help. While it is important to be supportive of your team, this does not mean that you should micromanage them. Know when to step back and give them some freedom. Micromanaging your team will ultimately lower morale and make your team members resentful of you. Allow your team to explore ideas and learn things for themselves, but be there for them when they need you.

5. Set Goals and Acknowledge Success

The final tip for how to effectively motivate your team is to set goals for them. These goals should be aspirational and push their limits, but still be attainable. Challenging your team to do more than they thought they could will push them to be better and grow as individuals. When setting goals it can be helpful to set a range since this can help to sustain employee motivation. Finally, when your team successfully achieves a goal be sure to recognize them. This will motivate them to achieve future goals as well.

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