How To Create A Delightful Customer Service Experience

We have all read the stories of incredible customer service experiences with brands that make our day. These are the kinds of stories that go viral, result in fiercely loyal customers, and quickly become the envy of rival brands. These brands consistently go above and beyond their customers' expectations and create a delightful customer service experience.

Customer service experiences play a large role in purchase decisions and, as a result, revenue. A study found that 66% of customers stopped making their purchases after a negative customer service experience. Creating a delightful customer service experience is key for maintaining happy and satisfied customers.

7 ways to Create a Delightful Customer Service Experience for Your Company and Customers:

1. Value Your Employees
Happy employees are the first step to creating a delightful customer service experience. When your employees enjoy going to work every day they will be more willing to help customers have a positive experience with your company. Create a company culture that promotes engagement and motivated employees. These employees will be happy to help
your customers find what they need.

2. Put Your Customers First
We have all heard the saying that, "the customer is always right". While this might not always be the case, it is true that the customer should be put before sales. This helps your customers to feel valued and helps you set your company priorities straight. Your business would not exist without your customers. Putting your customers' needs before your sales pitch will help them feel important and will help your business to grow and retain these customers.

3. Be Personable
Treat your customers as people, not customers. Give your customers advice and help them to find the product or service that is right for them. Don't spend your time with your customers giving a sales pitch. Think about how you like to be treated by a company and apply that to your customer service experience.

4. Be Authentic
Your customer will see right through a sales pitch. To create a delightful customer experience you have to be more concerned with doing the right thing than with making sales and headlines. Show that you truly care about your customers and get to know them. Expressing interest in your customers will help them feel like you truly do want the best for them and are not only interested in getting their money.

5. Build Trust
Creating a delightful customer service experience also involves building trust with your customers. When you make a sale you are satisfying the needs of your customers, not just making money. You have a responsibility to live up to your company values and deliver on your promises. Staying true to your business values and purpose will help build trust with your customers since they will know what to expect from your company and feel comfortable doing business with you.

6. Pay Attention to Detail
Not all customer service experiences are the same, and they shouldn't be. All customers are different and seek help in different ways. For example, some customers might want a specific recommendation while other customers might want a range of recommendations. Paying attention to your customers and providing a customer service experience that is tailored to their needs will help them to leave feeling satisfied and to feel good about choosing you again in the future.

7. Appreciate Your Customers
The final step for creating a delightful customer service experience is making sure you appreciate your customers. Your customers could most likely find a similar product at a different company, give them a reason to keep choosing yours. Sending them a thank you note in the mail, or just saying thank you as they leave, can make them feel valued and make the difference between casual customers and loyal customers.

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