Happy Earth Day from Coordinated Business Systems!
If companies want to be "in" these days, they have to "go green" in more ways than one. not only are they expected to save money, but they are also expected to save the Earth for future generations as well. At Coordinated Business Systems, we are committed to being a green company. Grounded by our green initiatives, we also provide services to our customers to help them be environmentally conscious.

Our goal is simple: we want to conserve and protect natural resources for future generations. How do we do this? Here are four ways we live out our commitments as a green company:

  • Accept our environmental responsibility. Rather than shying away from our environmental responsibilities, we acknowledge and accept our responsibilities by representing like-minded manufacturers, and providing our customers with environmentally-friendly solutions for their own businesses.

  • Work with manufacturers that care about the environment. We partner with leading technology manufacturers such as Kyocera, hP, SHARP, and Lexmark, who share our environmental interests. These manufacturers demonstrate continued dedication to energy efficiency, eco-friendly solutions, waste elimination, and recycling. To do so, they implement energy-efficient operating solutions, environmentally conscious supplies that decrease waste and costs, components free of lead and chromium, and recyclable toner cartridges.

  • Offer energy-efficient product solutions. We work with businesses to create tailored services to meet their needs, whether it is by reducing the use of paper through electronic document management, or by eliminating inefficiencies in printing processes. Through these tasks, we can help businesses become more efficient, reduce their operational costs, and reduce their impact on the environment by decreasing wasted paper and ink.

  • Make the most of cartridges. Our CartridgePlus Coordinated Managed Print Services Program only requires businesses to pay for cartridges they use, helping to eliminate waste and reduce costs. Also, when businesses are done using toner cartridges, they can take advantage of our free toner recycling program as part our "green" recycling initiative. Working together, we can re-purpose material waste and keep it from ending up in landfills.

Coordinated Business Systemsis a leader in the information management industry, providing local Minnesota and western Wisconsin companies with total office solutions. Coordinated's services include managed network services, managed print services, electronic document management, PROACTICVE managed IT services, and printer/copier leasing. For more information on Coordinated Business Systems, visit our website at